Business Coaching

You know your business and industry. When you add business coaching with MORF you will achieve clarity that simplifies the daily grind and enhances the strategic direction of your life and your organization.

MORF’s Twelve Step Business Coaching Program was developed from our practical experience and lessons learned. We work closely with you on identifying core strengths, strategic direction and measurable objectives to accomplish your goals. Our method simplifies proven business concepts and theories into manageable, ‘doable’ practices that won’t slow down your business.

Our approach is to start with CLARITY – where are you going? Where is your business going? Starting with your personal life, vision, and focus ensures that your business stays in alignment with your personal objectives.

As we work with you on DIRECTION, we identify your 3 year, 10 year, and succession planning objectives. As Steven Covey says, ‘Begin with the end in mind’, to ensure that today’s efforts build tomorrows vision.

Identifying KEY INDICATORS simplifies the complexity of data in your business to help you watch the few necessary numbers that move your business forward.  We can get so overwhelmed with data that it gets in the way of our decisions. Our proven process will help you quickly and effectively monitor key metrics while putting out fires.

When we work together on your GROWTH STRATEGIES, we focus on your markets, your infrastructure, and your people, and how to manage your profitability to match your goals.  You will gain tools, resources, and processes to:

  • Find more customers like your best ones.
  • Assess current and future profitability.
  • Analyze and build your team and business processes so that you are effective and prepared for future growth.