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Merrick & Company has enjoyed a 14-year relationship with MORF Consulting; addressing topics that include leadership development, team building, strategic planning and executive coaching.  The investments made have had a direct result on the financial health of Merrick; increased revenue, higher margins and efficient use of indirect costs.  I’ve personally benefitted from an executive coaching relationship with Cheryl Benedict.  The insight I’ve received from Cheryl has helped me navigate through the turbulence of leading and growing a very dynamic,  employee owned company.  With a significant emphasis on ‘EQ’, Cheryl raises awareness, focuses energy and ensures successful outcomes for anyone embarking on a leadership journey, both personally and professionally.     

Christopher Sherry, PE
CEO / Chair | Merrick & Company

MORF Consulting Client for 14 Years 

Cheryl Benedict is top of her trade! I’ve had the privilege of working with Cheryl in various capacities, both personally to receive coaching as a new Executive Director, and also through hiring her to facilitate our Water Leaders Program. During her 9 years as a consultant with Water Education Colorado, she developed more than 140 program graduates from the water profession. Through a wide range of assessments, group exercises and one-on-one coaching, she expertly pinpoints natural potential as well as growth opportunities for individuals, then helps them take significant and deliberate strides on their journey to greater impact. Her training methods are well-honed and have inspired competent, empathetic leaders at all levels working for water sustainability across Colorado. Her craft is focused, holistic and centers around building emotional intelligence, now widely considered a key variable for successful leadership. She is excellent at group facilitation, and creates a safe space for both individual and collaborative growth. 

Jayla Poppleton

Executive Director,

Water Education Colorado 

MORF Consulting Client for 9 Years 

“How bad do you want it?” is a question I ask myself every day.  Thanks to Cheryl Benedict’s coaching she’s helped me become a stronger leader at Iron Woman Construction and with the Hispanic Contractors of Colorado, where I serve as a board member. Cheryl’s coaching has allowed me to grow individually and learn how to better understand others. Personally, I believe success starts at the top of a company. I have really seen a change in the culture and growth of Iron Woman since our coach Cheryl Benedict has been part of the team! I can’t thank Cheryl enough for what she has done!


Omar Moreno Gomez

Trucking Operations Manager

Iron Woman Construction 

MORF Consulting Client for 2 Years 

I first met Cheryl when she designed and facilitated a Leadership Development program for my firm.  The program was immensely successful and helped guide our firm through a big transition period.  It also set us up to have bench strength by developing young leaders as the firm grows.   Additionally, I’ve been having one-on-one coaching sessions with Cheryl for the past eight years.  Her coaching has literally guided the path of my career!  Through her advice and counsel, I’ve been able move up in my company and now occupy a position leading a branch office.  I can’t imagine navigating my career without her calm, kind, and insightful guidance.  Whenever I’m up against something, Cheryl presents a new spin on the situation.  Through her extensive experience she always seems to have a story to share that relates to what I’m going through.  I owe a huge portion of my success to the amazing Cheryl Benedict!  

Christine Lurtz, PMP, LEED AP BD&C, RID
Project Manager

MORF Consulting Client for 8 Years 

Merrick has enjoyed significant returns from over a decade of positive experience with Cheryl Benedict and MORF.  MORF’s collaborative approach to building and understanding the individual, the team, and the company has resulted in the solid execution of clairvoyant strategies for bench strength planning, team building, and leadership development.   Merrick’s emerging leaders have been well prepared for new roles. Critical key leadership transitions have proven extraordinarily smooth. I personally have benefited from a professional partnership with Cheryl and the targeted coaching she has provided.  Her ability to point me in a positive direction and facilitate the development of leadership skills has undoubtably resulted in me being a better equipped leader. I strongly recommend partnering with MORF for bench strength planning, leadership development, and team building workshops.  We couldn’t be more pleased with the successes that Cheryl and MORF have brought into Merrick.   

Torin Haskell,
Senior Vice President | Merrick & Company 

MORF Consulting Client for 9 Years 

I consider the time spent in Water Leaders with Cheryl Benedict to be one of the greatest ROI's  in both my personal and professional life.  I continually apply the knowledge gained through this program.  Water Leaders provided me a renewed self-awareness and the freedom to be myself amongst colleagues whom I have such respect for.  Water Leaders is more than just about growing in our industry, it’s about being the best you. 

Sean T. Cronin,
Executive Director, St. Vrain and Left Hand Water Conservancy District
Water Leader Graduate, Class of 2015

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