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Succession Planning

Trusted Advisor Cohorts

Executive Coaching

Team Meeting
  • MORF customizes company leadership development programs with an eye to succession planning and getting your leaders ready for what’s next. For example, with Merrick & Company, the first leadership development program (LD 2010) was a year-long class with 36 participants comprised of the CEO, President, COO, CFO, Controller, VP Human Resources, Information Technology Services Director, Business Unit Leaders, top Project Managers and Office Managers.


  • Since then, we've customized three additional Merrick leadership development programs with content appropriate for the changing times, key leadership trends and what the leaders need to be even more effective in their roles. We're in the process of designing our 5th Leadership Development Program to launch the summer of 2024.  


  • Leadership development programs always include monthly Executive Coaching and Trusted Advisor cohorts (4 participants in each cohort), led by Cheryl Benedict, to seat the learning and grow the leadership capabilities of the participants.


  • There is a graduation with certificates, group photos and recognition by executive leadership.


Included in every company leadership development program are Action Learning Teams, guided by Cheryl Benedict.  Each team is comprised of 4-6 individuals and is assigned a specific company issue to study and improve upon for the good of the enterprise.

Assignment in an Action Learning Team is based on an individual employee's interests, development needs and/or the expertise the individual brings to the group. 

Action Learning Teams have the following general characteristics: 

  • They have a specific charter 

  • Take on issues that give participants a broader view of the company  

  • Have a problem statement

  • Supported by research, benchmarking and/or best practices

  • Have a start and end date

  • Size of the issue determined by time available to the team members (size to fit)

  • Group size for solving complex problems is about 4-6

  • Often require subject matter experts (internal or external) to educate the group

  • Final work product is a presentation/report to upper management and Board of Directors and to the rest of the class, often includes a set of recommendations

  • Implementation planning for these issues is generally best accomplished after the final Action Learning Team report

  • Action Teams generally do not stay intact for implementation, although one or more from the group may lead implementation

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