Executive Coaching

MORF Consulting coaches collaborate with an individual client in a custom program to develop to their full potential, both professionally and personally.  Our coaches work with clients to develop their natural strengths. We focus on achieving goals related to business, career, finance, health, and relationships

MORF Consulting coaching programs identifies values and strengths, goals, changes needed, priorities, and actions steps.  We provide continuing guidance and follow-up to direct progress, and celebrate milestones. In the business setting, our coaching generally relates to accomplishing organizational goals, but also naturally involves personal issues as part of the process

Telephone sessions are the normal mode for service delivery our coaching, although face-to-face meetings may be used in particularly in the initial stages. The length of a coaching varies from a few months to eighteen months, and longer.  Coaching sessions generally range from half an hour to an hour or two at varying intervals.

The rapid rate of change in organizations and the requirements for creativity, collaboration, and flexibility have increased the need for individuals to utilize skills they may not have gained from education or previous business experiences.  The demand for these previously underutilized skills can place individuals outside of their comfort zones.  Coaching teaches individuals to identify their strengths, set goals, achieve them, be flexible, and to be self-reliant.